Paintings Gallery

This gallery contains a selection of paintings currently held in stock.  All of the paintings pictured here are for sale; please e-mail Russell to check for availability. Dimensions in mm. Commissions are accepted.

Graphic 1, 2 & 3 .

Flower theme. Oil and chalk pastels, acrylic and graphite on gold paper. These pieces were executed using a range of hand cut stencils with acrylic/PVA mix. This was then worked over when dry with various drawing materials. The paper has a gold metallic quality reminiscent of expensive decorative wall paper.

All other paintings oil on canvas using layers of thinned paint over dried, quite thick paint.

Design and concept Drawings Gallery

Charcoal, conte, chalks and graphite on brown paper.

Bauta – Chester Lantern Festival 2008 1000mm x 540mm Based on the Italian Comedia masks and inspired by the antiphonal music of Gabrieli. Designs for willow and paper lanterns

Something Wishful, Chester  2008 Designs for lanterns and sculptures for parade and river based festival inspired by the Thai festival of Loi Kratong

Up The Wall – performance art event Chester 2008 Designs for lantern sculptures to fit over existing street lighting

Willow Dragon Concept drawings for large living willow sculpture

Fox designs for steel and wire sculptures, graphite on paper

Waiting 1, 2 & 3. Charcoal, conte, chalk on card. 900mm x 630mm Design ideas for night time procession